Passion flower cultivation

How to grow passion flower

Characteristics of Passiflora coerulea



Flowers can be seen in from Summer to Autumn.


Water regularly and abundantly.


It can be used for balconies and verandas.


It must be cultivated in full sun. It needs a warm climate. In case of cold ones, protect in winter.


Propagate from cuttings in early spring. Take cuttings from the end of a young shoot. Remove the down leaves, place them in growing hormones preparation and plant them in a sandy soil. Keep them wet and warm (18-20 ºC)

They can also be propagated from seeds. Plant in spring in cold places or in autumn in more temperate ones. Germination is very difficult in some cases and plants derived from seeds can take a lot to flower, so you can also buy a grown-up plant from your garden center.


It requires a light soil with a good drainage. Mix a third of gravel, a third of loam and the same proportion of peat.


Medicinal plant. See properties in the listing below.

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31 October, 2022

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