Agrimony contraindications


What is agrimony?

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) is a perennial herbaceous plant, found in most of Europe, northern Asia and parts of North Africa.

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What is agrimony used for?

The plant is used to activate the liver, with cholagogue and choleretic properties. It also has anti-inflammatory, circulatory, antirheumatic and astringent properties.

It is a good vulnerary remedy due to its richness in tannins (5-20%), and it is prescribed to treat wounds, scars. eye drops and gargle with the plant.

The plant is rich in essential oils, which may have contraindications.

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What are the contraindications of agrimony?

  • Pregnancy: agrimony is known as a plant that influences menstrual cycles. Do not take agrimony if pregnant.

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  • Anemia: tannins are substances that decrease the absorption of iron. Long treatments with agrimony are not recommended for people with anemia, due to the richness in plant tannins.
  • Gallbladder stones: Agrimony has stimulatory effects on the liver, so you should not take it without medical supervision if have suffered a colic or stones in the gallbladder. Stimulation of the liver could result in expulsion of gall stones and hepatic duct obstruction.
  • Treatments with anticoagulants: plant coumarins are natural anticoagulants components, and may potentiate the effect of other drugs or anticoagulants plants.
  • Treatments for high blood pressure: the liverwort may influence drug for high and low blood pressure. Consult your doctor before taking agrimony if you are being treated for hypertension or hypotension.
  • People with allergies to Rosaceae: They can also present allergy to this plant.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure after handling agrimony. It contains substances that cause photosensitivity and sun exposure can cause dermatitis.

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6 October, 2021

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