Agrimony toxicity


Is agrimony poisonous?

No, agrimony is not a toxic plant.

The plant is mainly used for the liver and as a vulnerary remedy.

However, agrimony is rich in tannins, coumarins and other components, which may have contraindications.

* More information about the contraindications and side effects of agrimony in the listing above.

What components does agrimony have?

– This plant contains a bitter principle of glycoside (agrimonolide), catechists and ellagic tannins (up to 20%), silicic acid, ascorbic and ursolic acids, traces of essential oil, triterpene (alpha amyrin), coumarins, flavonoids (apigenin, quercetin, luteolin, rutin, catechin), glycosides of flavonoids (apigenin glycoside, quercetin glycoside), vitamins B and vitamin K.

Agrimony contraindications

Photo of agrimony

Precautions with agrimony

– Do not take agrimony remedies if you are pregnant. The plant is known to intervene in menstrual cycles.

– If you are allergic to any plant,you must be cautious before taking agrimony, especially if you are allergic or sensitive to plants in the Rosaceae family.

– Avoid prolonged sun exposure after handling agrimony because it contains coumarin glycosides, substances that can cause photosensitivity with sun exposure, leading to dermatitis problems.

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19 March, 2019

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