Pepper tree, peppercorn cultivation

How to grow peppercorn

Characteristics of Schinus molle



April – July. Yellow flowers gathered in hanging racemes. Compound leaves with paired leaflets, till 30 cm. Fruits in reddish drupes, persistent on the tree. Dioecious tree, perennial, that reaches 13 m.


It supports dryness very well.

gardening pot

For squares or gardens. Its resemblance remembers to the weeping willow, seen from far. It is very ornamental for the aspect of its hanging branches and for the beauty of its clusters of red fruits and for its abundant flowers. It is a tree that offers a lot of shade and a characteristic aroma like pepper, whereof its name derives. The fruits have been used as a substitute of pepper, although they could be considered a bit poisonous.


Sun, it prefers warm or hot climates (tree of tropical origin)


By means of cuttings in summer or seeds in spring. It is easy to cultivate and it has a quick growth. It should be planted in wide spaces.


Preferably poor, not limy, with a good drainage – it doesn’t tolerate soaking.

Another species of “Schinus

  • Schinus polygamus ——————— ……………
  • Schinus Terebinthifolius ——————- Brazilian pepper tree

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20 January, 2020

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