Silver linden cultivation

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Tilia Tomentosa


Characteristics of the plant



July – August. White flowers in cymes, with bracts of a similar length to the whole inflorescence. Cordate, serrate leaves, with whitish hairiness in the back. Buds also pubescent. Deciduous tree coming from the east of Europe that can reach up to 30 m.


Although, as all lindens, it prefers abundant water, it tolerates dryness very well.

gardening pot

In parks and gardens. For its thick shade and the fragrance of its flowers, as well as its leaves. It resists the contamination very well so that it is very appropriate for big cities.




By means of scarified seeds or cuttings in autumn. From grafting another species in summer.


Well drained soil, of neuter nature. It adapts well to another soil type.

Another species of “Tilia

Tilia americana —————- Basswood, american linden

Tilia amurensis ————–…………….

Tilia caroliniana —————–…………….

Tilia chinensis ————— …………..

Tilia cordata ——————– Small-leafed linden, little-leaf linden

Tilia heterophylla —————- White basswood

Tilia japonica ——————— Japanese lime

Tilia mongolica ——————– Mongolian lime

Tilia oliveri —————-………….

Tilia platyphyllos —————- Broad-leafed linden, big-leaf linden

Tilia tuan ————— …………..

Tilia x euchlora—————– Crimean linden

Tilia x europaea (Tilia x vulgaris ) —————- Europena linden, common lime tree

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22 April, 2019

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