Characteristics and properties of asparagine

Characteristics of asparagine

What is asparagine?

Asparagine is an amino acid from the metabolism of other amino acids, which has an acidifying effect. Its hydrolysis produces another amino acid called aspartic acid and a nitrogenous substance.

The abbreviation for this amino acid is Asn.

Properties of asparagine

steamed asparagus
Asparagus is very rich in aspartic acid, a derivative of the amino acid asparagine.

Asparagine has stimulating properties at the level of the central nervous system, it interferes with brain functioning and the correct maintenance of its connections and, therefore, of its actions, avoiding the appearance of related pathologies.

In addition, for its effect cited above, together with vitamins of group B, also promotes a state of relaxation that minimizes the symptoms of stress or anxiety.

It also helps to synthesize the muscle mass of the organism.

In food, asparagine is involved in the Maillard reaction and produces substances such as acrylamide.

Contraindications of asparagine

Pregnant women or people suffering from liver and kidney diseases  should not take asparagine supplements.

Asparagine supplements

Although asparagine supplements can be taken, it is recommended to cover the needs of this amino acid through a balanced diet. In case of supplementation,  it is advisable to consult with the specialist doctor beforehand.

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8 July, 2019

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