Toxins that poison our liver

Products that produce hepatic toxicity



Smoking is not good for the liver. Tobacco contains many toxins that the liver has to clean. Liver itself is affected by tobacco poisons

What kind of toxins can poison our liver?

Being the organ that has to purify the body and, so bound to be in contact with toxins, there are many reasons for our liver to get sick.

The more frequent our liver deals with poisonous or toxic substances, the more liable to develop diseases.

We can find liver toxins in the following cases:

Unsuitable diet makes your liver sick

Food may be polluted with microorganisms and other toxins. For example, infected food or water are two reasons for hepatitis A infection.

There are however other reasons why food may harm our liver. For example, choosing a wrong diet with unsuitable foods may be detrimental for liver health, not only for liver patients but for people in general.

The way we cook our meals can also affect our liver, as well as the frequency we eat or the amount of food we ingest in every meal.

It is very important to take into account how we preserve our food or which food can be dangerous for our health.

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Other liver toxins gathered from food


Vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned before eating them, specially when eating raw. They can contain virus that can affect the liver such as those causing hepatitis A

There are many factors in our diet to be taken into account for our liver to be healthy, such as, for example:

  • Dirty foods: they can contain microorganisms and toxins that can damage the liver. Unwashed hands during meals can be transmitters of microorganisms.
  • Unwashed fruits: they contain many highly carcinogenic and harmful pesticides.
  • Poorly preserved and dried foods: they can generate aflatoxins, highly damaging to the liver. They consist on waste products that some fungi produce, mainly Aspergillus fungi. Mycotoxins such as aflatoxins have proven to be very harmful to health, in both humans and animals, for their toxic effects on the nervous and immune systems and their role in the development of liver cancer.
  • Non fresh or reheated meals: They may develop liver damaging agents.

What can affect our liver apart from food and dietary habits?

dry fruits

Dry fruits, if not properly stored may develop mycotoxins, which are supposed to possess cancerogenic effects

Type of food and dietary habits are not the only responsible for liver health. There are other factors which we must consider if we want to keep our liver healthy.

  • Smoking: It is not recommended for the liver Smoking tobacco. Tobacco is said to have more than 6000 noxious components. Among them we can point out:
  • Carcinogens: Pesticides, Benzene, Nitrosamines,…
  • Poisonous metals: Cadmium, Lead, polonium…
  • Very known poisons: Nicotine, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide…
  • Handling of chemicals: They can damage the liver. Contact or inhalation of these products is responsible for the appearance of many liver diseases, including liver cancer.
  • Selfmedication or use of drugs: irresponsible use of medications or taking drugs are common causes of liver disease.
  • Sex relations or cleaning habits: Sexual contact, when non preventive methods are taken, can be the cause of hepatitis A, B and C. Sharing needles, toothbrushes, shaving items, etc.. are contagious causes of hepatitis B.
  • Certain genetic abnormalities, medically untreated, some liver diseases, such as iron overload (hemochromatosis) or excess or copper (Wilson’s disease) can cause serious liver damage.

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13 June, 2021

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