Bad food for the liver

Food that can harm the liver


What foods are harmful to the liver?

The liver is the organ responsible for the metabolism of food and the cleaning of toxins. Our liver can become sick for many reasons, but unsuitable food is a major cause for the liver not not to present good health. Among the major toxic foods for the liver we could mention the following:

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are completely prohibited in any condition that may affect the liver. In many cases alcohol is responsible for the development of many liver diseases, mainly liver cirrhosis.

Even not being so, alcohol worsens the cirrhotic patient liver and contributes to the destruction of liver cells so that this organ is unable to produce the adequate stuff for the body it is designed for, such as, for example, synthesizing vitamins or minerals or detoxifying it. Alcohol is one the main enemies of the liver.

Processed foods are not recommended

Highly processed foods are not suitable for liver health. These foods contain many preservatives or food colorings that liver must remove, so, if we eat them excessively or too frequently, our liver can be affected.

ice-creamsOne should not abuse of rich fat food. Ice creams, cookies, cakes generally contain a lot of cholesterol

Animal fat and liver health

Fats are very hard to digest by the liver, specially it it is sick or not strong enough. Every people wishing to protect his/her liver or having a liver problem, such with cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver failure, etc, should include very small amounts of fatty foods it the daily diet: Animal food, including whole dairy products, as butter, margarine, milk, cheese… should be reduced or better discarded.

Pre-cooked and packaged foods usually contain a lot of fat so they are not good for your liver.

It is important for fats not to be fried or reheated. Such a type of fat it is supposed to create some toxins called acroleins. Acroleins have proved to be harmful for the stomach and liver. They are also related with some cancer types.

Hydrogenated fats, very common in cakes, cookies, pies, chocolate, croissants, sweets, etc should be avoided because they are very thick fat that produces too much cholesterol.

Foods, containing that type of fats in the same way that those containing saturated fat, are not recommended and should be avoided by those having liver problems. These must choose an unsaturated fat diet.

Pre-cooked and packaged foodsPre-cooked and packaged food is not recommended. It contains lot of sodium, preservatives plenty of fat. Preserved fish, such a tunna, can contain such as lead or mercury

Very salty foods convey fluids retention. Avoid foods high in sodium which facilitate retention. Very common foods to avoid in this regard because they contain a lot of salt are: ham, bacon, sausages, smoked or salted products,

Mind the way you cook

Very roasted, grilled or broiled foods generate a number of toxins that the liver must remove. This can be harmful at the long run. A diseased liver is even unable to remove and becomes worse with the presence of these substances.

Sugary foods spoil your liver

Eating plenty of foods rich in refined sugars leads to increasing fat and cholesterol: Also the use of artificial sweeteners harm the diseased liver.

Abundant meals are not good for your liver

Very heavy meals overload the liver. It is better to eat small amounts many times than eating fewer meals that contain a too large amount of food. Large meals forces the liver to make an extra effort. We should eat four or five light meals each day, specially if our liver is not feeling well.

Eating too muchEating too much loads the liver since it has to work to much to properly digest food

Reused meals can poison your body

Cooking more food than normal for reusing in other meal is a very bad habit. Cooked food can be polluted with microorganisms that can cause you infections. It is best to cook the necessary quantities without any overrun. Reheating does not provide any benefits to your liver.

Take care of raw or under cooked animal food

Dishes prepared with raw or undercooked animal stuff, like raw fish or raw or undercooked seafood, are very dangerous for health since they can contain microorganisms. They are specially inadequate for patients with cirrhosis because their liver is not able to purify any possible toxins.

More information on liver diseases.

This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
Written by Editorial Botanical-online team in charge of content writing

13 June, 2021

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