Food with much salt

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The following table contains a list with some foods that have a high content in salt. For more information make a click on the corresponding links.

Knowing what foods contain much salt is very interesting for those people who have to follow a low sodium diet, adapted for certain diseases like hypertension, the renal retention of liquids, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.

Foods Amount Content in salt
Foods for snacking
Chips 100 g 656 mgs
Pop corn 100gr 365 mgs
Salty hazelnuts 100 g 780 mgs
Salty pistachios 100 g 780 mgs
Salty almonds 100 g 780 mgs
Salty peanuts 100 g 400 mgs
Sunflower seeds 100 g 603 mgs
Cakes 100 g 600 mgs
Canned food
Sardines 100 g 280 mgs
Tuna 100 g 310 mgs
Canned tomato 100 g 420 mgs
Asparagus drained without rinsing 100 g 240 mgs
Chicken soup 100 g 386 mgs
Maize 100 g 335 mgs
Table salt 1 spoonful of tea 2300 mgs
Salt of garlic 1 spoonful of tea 2060 mgs
Sauce of soybean 1 spoonful of tea 1032 mgs
Bicarbonate of soybean 1 spoonful of tea 1260 mgs
Smoked, cured or processed meats
Sausage 100 g 1235 mgs
Sausages of turkey 100 g 878 mgs
Smoky salmon 100 g 784 mgs
Hamburger 100 g 561 mgs
Milk and derivatives
Cheddar cheese 100 g 620 mgs
Mozzarella 100 g 373 mgs
Hard goat cheese 100 g 346 mgs
Butter 100 g 286 mgs
Vegetal fat

margarine 40%

100 g 959 mgs
Kellogg Special K 100 g 935 mgs
Corn flakes 100 g 900 mgs
All-bran 100 g 112 mgs

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7 May, 2020

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