Food with little salt

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List of food that contains little sodium


The following table contains a list with some foods that have a very low content in salt. For more information, do click on the relevant links.

Knowing what foods contain little salt is very interesting for those people that must follow a low sodium diet adapted for certain diseases like the hypertension, the renal retention of liquids, obesity, diseases, osteoporosis, etc. (See the link of each food for the full study)

List of foods with no salt
Food Amount Sodium content
Raw apples 100 g 0 mg
Raw mulberry 100 g 0 mg
Raw cherries 100 g 0 mg
Raw oranges 100 g 0 mg
Peaches raw 100 g 0 mg
Raw pears 100 g 0 mg
Raw plums 100 g 0 mg
Cooked white rice 100 g 0 mg
Flour of wheat 100 g 0 mg
List of foods very low in salt
Almonds without salt 100 g 1.10 mgs
Dry beans cooked without salt 100 g 0.70 mgs
Dates 100 g 0.3 mgs
Oatmeal without salt 100 g 0.20 mgs
Milk of soybean 100 g 1.2 mgs
Tofu 100 g 1.4 mgs
Cabbage boiled without salt 100 g 1, 8 mgs
Broccoli 100 g 2.7 mgs
Zucchini 100 g 2 mgs
List of foods low in salt
Skimmed yogurt 100 g 7, 6 mgs
Skimmed milk 100 g 5 mgs
Whole milk 100 g 4.9 mgs
Potatoes 100 g 5 mgs
Butterbeans 100 g 6 mgs

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22 April, 2019

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