Plant-based diet for malaria

Vegetarian diet for malaria

How to treat malaria?

The regular treatment of malaria involves the administration of antimalarials that are considered appropriate by medical specialists.

The antimalarial drugs try to exert a destructive action on parasites, trying to eliminate them from your body.

Natural medicinal remedies

For thousands of years, people have used different herbs and natural remedies specific to each area where malaria resides.

Although effective against symptoms or as an aid to drug treatment, the only drawback resides on the difficulty in measuring the required dose. (See Remedies for malaria)


During the period of febrile seizure

Try the “periods of fasting”, to be as brief as possible because malaria patient is generally malnourished.

Fasting periods are not self-imposed, but they are caused by the fever increase to 41.5 º C. At this temperature, malaria patient is unable to ingest food. At most, if still conscious, he/she will accept some drinks.

Whenever possible, give the patient a drink to hydrate. Not only water, but also some more nutritious drink or any food in liquid form, as these are better tolerated than a solid or semi-solid food.

Fruit juices (no acid ones), such as apple juice, are recommended to recover electrolytes, such as other beverages as sports drinks, infusions with linden honey and sugar, etc.

After the period of febrile seizure

legumes on a marketLegumes on a market

When febrile crisis is over, we must make a diet that ensures the patient’s nutrition and bring him/her all the necessary nutrients that can generate any deficit.

We will have into account the following:

  • We will provide protein to keep muscle mass, with foods like eggs, milk and dairy products, legumes, soy drink, etc..
  • We will provide the necessary amount of complex carbohydrates because a lot of energy is very necessary when febrile seizures can extremely weak and exhaust malaria patient.
  • We will sparingly provide good quality fats, choosing foods like extra virgin olive oil a refined face, nuts, etc.
  • We will provide vitamins and minerals, to retrieve all the electrolytes that are lost with fever and to fill malaria patient’s reserves. Vegetables, fruits, fruit juices or fruit and vegetables juice, natural vegetable broth, etc.

Specific recommendations according to the symptoms

Malaria affects different systems in our body and causes various problems. Although, with the adequate food, we can minimize its consequences by means of maintaining the structures and organs of our body as healthy, strong, nourished and strong as possible, so that the least possible damage could be performed.

Nutritional recommendations in people affected with malaria, according to the symptoms and possible complications.

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29 July, 2022

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