Silver, coloring food E 174

What is silver (E-174)?

Silver (E 174) is a natural silver dye, used in small doses as a cake decoration.

dibujo de pastelIt is chemically obtained from the electrolysis of silver ore.

Chemical properties of silver (E-174)

Insoluble substance. Bactericide.

Uses in feeding silver (E-174)

This colorant is only used in:

Coatings and decorations for cakes and sweets, liqueurs, drinking water disinfection.

Silver toxicity (E-174)

In very small doses it is safe. Its ADI is not determined.

Food preservatives that are commonly used in food:

Curcumin E 100

– Chlorophyll additive E 140 

Lutein, xanthophyll and tagetes extract – E 161b

– Tartrazine dye, E 102

Food colorings

punto rojo More information on food additives

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4 June, 2022

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