White or brown sugar, which is healthier?

Is white sugar better than brown or whole sugar?

Does brown or whole sugar have more nutrients?

Brown sugar
Brown sugar has a composition very similar to that of white sugar

To obtain whole sugar, the refining process is interrupted, in which the final product is pure sucrose (without vitamins, minerals, or any other type of nutrient), brown in color.

Brown sugar contains some molasses

Sugarcane and sugar beet molasses contain a certain amount of amino acids and vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals.

The brown color of whole sugar is attributed precisely to molasses residues that are not removed from the mixture.

However, the amount of molasses that brown sugar contains is negligible, so the nutrient content of brown sugar is practically the same as that of refined sugar.

Brown sugar and whole sugar

brown sugar
Photo of brown sugar

To this we add that currently most brown sugar is not integral, that is, it has been obtained by adding color additives (caramel).

Is the refinement of cereals the same as sugar?

The refining of whole grain cereals is not related to the refining of sugar. While nutritionally there is little difference between brown and white sugar; Yes, there is a great nutritional difference between refined and whole grains.

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2 August, 2022

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