Why do we crave for something sweet?

What does it mean to have a sweet craving?

piesPerhaps the sum of these motives, instinct, pleasure and survival of the species, is the reason why man always looks for the sweet taste, through, for example, the use of sweeteners as old as honey, and custom of making desserts.

The obsession with eating cakes responds to the instinct to eat sweets. However, refined sugar causes hyperglycemia and leads to problems with high sugar and diabetes. You should turn to natural sources and avoid these products.

However, the desire for sweets involves more factors, among others, eating is a source of pleasure.

Is it necessary to eat sweets to have glucose?

The human body can obtain glucose from many foods, such as rice and potatoes (with previous digestion of their starches), from foods rich in protein (after liver metabolism) and of course from fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, it is not necessary to eat sweets to get glucose. Currently, the need to eat foods with sugar tends to respond to other causes, both cultural and food addiction.

Problems due to lack of sugar and repercussions of diets without carbohydrates

The previous explanation serves to understand that going against sugar is not natural, nor healthy; because our psychology and our body need the sweet taste of foods rich in sugar, such as fruits.

Many weight loss diets consistently restrict all sugary foods, including fruits. A diet with such strict prohibitions is harmful. It causes anxiety and worsens the mood, especially in depressive states. In these cases, a craving for sweets usually appears, especially those found in very rich foods: cakes, pastries, etc. We should not forget that food is another source of pleasure.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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4 November, 2021

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