Types of sugar

Sugar trade presentations

What is sugar and in what forms do we find it on the market?

sugar cane woman
A woman eats fresh sugar cane, bite-sized, in northern Vietnam. It is a very abundant plant in the region, which the inhabitants consume almost daily.

Sugar is a caloric sweetener that is normally obtained from sugar cane or sugar beets (not to be confused with red beets that are consumed at home).

What types of sugar exist?

Currently the market offers an almost infinite range of presentations with sugar, which we could distinguish in:

  • Types of sugar derived from sugar cane: Panela, brown sugar, white, whole wheat, moscavado, molasses, etc.
  • Other types of ingredients that are also sugar: Syrups, other types of molasses, coconut sugar, syrups, etc.
  • Traditional sweeteners that contain sugar: Honey.
  • No calorie sweeteners: Xylitol.

Types or classes of sugar derived from sugar cane

We can classify sugar into three categories:

tipos de azúcar

Different types of sugar. From left to right: whole cane sugar; Demerara sugar; organic whole cane sugar; whole brown cane sugar; organic sugar and white sugar.

White sugar

  • Powdered sugar, icing sugar, icing sugar, icing sugar
  • Sugar lumps

Brown whole cane sugar:

  • Panela sugar
    Panela sugar

    Demerara sugar

  • Barbados sugar, muscovado or muscovado sugar
  • Panela
  • Turbinado sugar

Other varieties of sugar:

  • Candi or pearl sugar
  • Liquid sugar
  • Sugar from organic, biological or organic cultivation
  • Sugar cane molasses
    Sugar cane molasses

    Sugar cane molasses

Other types of ingredients that are also sugar

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2 August, 2022

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