How to eat fruit


What is the best way of eating fruit?

The best way to eat fruit is raw, if possible with the skin. Many vitamins disappear when cooked or peeled, since they usually are in higher amounts in the skin.

Unfortunately, given the amount of pesticides used in cultivation, it is virtually impossible to eat fruit today without the risk of ingesting toxins, still wiping it well.

For this reason, try to eat those fruits that come from organic farming and have not been treated with products that could be harmful to the body. Otherwise, it is best to peel all fruits.

Which fruit to buy?

During the purchase, it is common to buy those fruits that look better, the big one, with smooth skin without any marks on the skin.

Many times this immaculate appearance does not indicate that the fruit in question is better. The lack of markings is often a symptom that this fruit has been treated with many pesticides, so that animals that could have tested it before have been killed.

Sometimes these products are subject to a process of washing and polishing to encourage the consumer to purchase them. An apple, for example, with small marks on the skin caused by animals, will not be of lower quality than those that present a great looking.

Many times these small marks on the skin of the a fruit show that it has not been treated with pesticides and, therefore, it is better for our bodies than that one which is so attractive to the eye. When we talk about skin marks, we are not referring to rot or mold but to small points, as those that certain birds produce in some fruits

What danger may imply eating fruit?

Varied fruit

A varied diet which usually include fruits and vegetables is the best guarantee for good health

One must consider that fruit that has not been treated with pesticides can produce molds, some of which are very harmful to health, especially those affecting nuts. Therefore, we must be very cautious with the fruit we buy, avoiding that one containing molds, rotting.. etc.

What is the best fruit?

It would be desirable, whenever possible, to buy the fruit directly from the producer. Unfortunately most of fruit we eat is collected today green, so that, until it reaches the consumer, it takes quite a long time, during which ripening takes place.

This makes the fruit not to have all the flavor it should have and, above all, that the dietary properties are lower. For example, beta carotene – precursors of vitamin A – need ripening on the tree to grow, some vitamin C breaks down over time, etc..

How do you eat fruit?

The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. The fruit can be eaten whole or fruit juices. Fruit juices are very interesting both for their taste when making the right combinations and for their usefulness. Juices are extremely soft in summer and provide a quick and easy way to ingest all of the properties of the fruit throughout the year.

For example, one could drink a glass of orange juice at breakfast, although it may be even more interesting a combination of fruits with other vegetables or milk, provided that they are compatible. We must bear in mind that many of the vitamins of the juices are oxidized in contact with air, so that fruit juices should be prepared shortly before drinking them and should not be stored for long once prepared.

What are the best combinations of fruit?

The following table shows some of the possible combinations:

Possible combinations of fruit juices with vegetables

(You can substitute milk for yogurt or kefir when milk is not well tolerated)

Apples – oranges – carrots – lemons
Milk – apples – melons – strawberries
Milk – pineapples – coconuts
Milk – bananas – oranges – pineapples
Oranges – lemons
Oranges – lemons – carrots
Carrots – peaches – oranges
Apples – carrots
Milk – coconuts – cherimoyas

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22 April, 2019

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