Which are the best blueberries?

What blueberries to buy?


The best fresh blueberries

The best blueberries are those that are bought freshly grown or picked from the field, wild. People who have the fortune to live in places where they grow wild blueberries, can pick them themselves.

Wild blueberries freshly harvested.
Wild blueberries freshly harvested.

Differences between fresh and frozen blueberries

Fresh blueberries are distinguished from those that have been frozen in having a whitish layer on top of the skin, like a small plush, which melts when rubbed with your fingers.

Which fresh blueberries to buy?

If we are going to buy them in the market, we will find them during the summer. The best blueberries are the Scandinavian ones and those of the center of Europe. We can also buy them from Eastern Europe. These have lower prices, although they do not have as much quality as the previous ones.

It is important to buy those blueberries that are well turgid, without moisture or juice. If we make a small pressure and our fingers sink or if we find them soft, or present leaks, they are too mature, and they pass very soon.

How to eat blueberries?

  • Fresh blueberries should be eaten quickly, as they can not stand too much.
  • If we have them in the fridge, it is better to take them out a little before the meal, because to appreciate their authenticity they should not be cold.
  • It is important, when they are brought home, to wash them well to remove dust, pesticide residues, possible fungi, parasites or microorganisms that they may have.
  • They can be eaten fresh alone or combined with other berries or fruits. They are delicious when served with a little kefir, yogurt or cream.
  • Those that we are not going to eat, it is better to freeze them. In this way, they can hold about 20 days.

Frozen cranberries and blueberry jam

Frozen blueberry ice cream
Frozen blueberry ice cream: just beat with a little vegetable drink or milk.

Blueberry jam or compote is very tasty although many of the principles of fresh blueberries are lost with cooking.

This jam can be eaten at breakfast, on top of the toast, it can be used to sweeten the yogurt, to fill crepes or to make pies or cakes. We can buy canned blueberries.

If we decide to dry the blueberries, they retain most of the properties, although they are much less tasty.

Properties of cranberry juice

Another very interesting option is to crush the cranberries with a blender to turn them into juice. This juice is delicious. In addition to having most of the properties of blueberries, it has especially wonderful properties for the urinary system. For its content in hippuric acid a natural antibiotic for many bacteria that inhabit the urinary tract.

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14 December, 2020

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