Cherimoya slimming properties


Slimming effects of cherimoya

Cherimoya is generally recommended to reduce weight or for low calorie diets, because of its low fat content. This is one of the main reasons of cherimoya consumption in Western countries. Apart from this, Cherimoya contains a lot of potassium (382 mg /100g) which helps avoid liquid retention.

Although these attributes are partly true, however, we must remember that cherimoya, like all fruits, is low in fat but high in sugars, so that it must be consumed in the recommended amounts. We must consider that 100 g of cherimoya provide us with 94 kcal, which is much more, for instance, than 100 g of pears (59 kcal) or 100 gr of apples (59 kcal) and similar to 100 g of banana (92 kcal).

As in the rest of fruits, we must eat in the suitable amounts and not excessively, because by means of eating too much fruit, no matter which, we will gain more weight, instead of loosing it.

Cherimoya effects against cancer

It has been shown that the leaves and stem (not the fruits), of a cherimoya close relative contain an effective substance “acetogenic” which helps the treatment of some cancers. It acts against cancer cells without adversely affecting healthy cells.

Its effect is based on interfering with the action of enzymes, preventing cancer development.

Cherimoya seeds posses insecticide properties

Properties of cherimoyaMain curative properties of cherimoya

Cherimoya has antimicrobial properties, which are often used in pharmaceutical applications.

Cherimoya seeds are rich in toxic alkaloids, so they result toxic in high amounts. If they get crushed, they can be used as an insecticide.

Cherimoya calcifying effects?

Cherimoya is also often recommended for people who have to take an extra intake of calcium, because of a possible deficit. While it is true that its calcium content is considerable, calcium content in citrus fruits is higher. Therefore, we prefer them, if we want increase the amount of this mineral. (Cherimoya contains 23 mg calcium in 100 g; oranges, 40 mg)

Orange calcium content is almost double that that of cherimoya and the suitable phosphorus content of this citric gives it a superior calcifying effect. Calcifying ration in orange is 1.9; cherimoya decalcifying ratio is 0.37.

In fact, Cherimoya must be considered instead a decalcifying food.

Antioxidant effects of cherimoya

For its vitamins, specifically for its vitamin C, cherimoya has healing benefits.

Considering its vitamin A content, cherimoya consumptions protects the eye and the state of our body tissues.

For its content in B vitamins, helps in mental development and the growth.

In addition, vitamin C along with vitamin A and vitamin E are antioxidants, which protects us from oxidation caused by free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin, mucous membranes and all the cells throughout the body.

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7 July, 2021

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