How to choose and store watermelons



What watermelons are the best?

When choosing a a watermelon, we have to consider the following tips:

For whole skinned watermelons

  • The external appearance of the skin: it is best to choose a watermelon with no signs of bruises, cuts or abrasions in the skin, indicating that it has been treated well. The support side should be yellow, confirming that it was picked ripe. If this part is greenish or white, it indicates that, when collected, it was not ready yet.
  • Weight: We check the weight. This must be quite heavy, adequate to its volume. Since most of the content of this fruit is water, we must imagine the weight of a water container like the melon in question.
  • Sound: Once up, we approach it closer to the ear, and give it a little bump with the palm of our hand. It should sound like a small drum, like it having air inside. The hollow “clock” sound indicates that this watermelon is mature. The green ones do not produce any sound.

For opened watermelons cut into pieces

  • The appearance of meat: This must appear plump, firm, with good color. A crumpled piece of watermelon, with faded colors indicates that it was cut too long ago.
  • How is the watermelon exposed : This should be exhibited properly, protected from direct hand contact or from people breathing, so it must be covered with plastic. This will avoid getting microorganisms and, at the same time, its meat will be fresher and firmer. It should also be at a low temperature, to ensure its perfect state.

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Tips to preserve a watermelon in good condition

Watermelons can not be frozen or stored in the refrigerator. Probably, in this sense, it is one of the most characteristic fruits of what we call “seasonal fruits”.

They must be eaten not to long after being collected and can not be preserved in cold rooms.

Some years ago, you could only eat them for a few seasonal days. Lately, with greenhouse cultivation, its consumption period has increased. Anyway, good watermelons are those eaten in season, that’s to say, in summer, when it’s hot.

Can watermelon be put in the fridge?

If we try to keep not-opened watermelons in cold, we will see how its bark splits, its aroma is lost and the flesh becomes doughy.

The ideal temperature to preserve it is between 13 or 14 º C. It can be stored at higher temperatures for a maximum period of 10 days without noticeable effects. With longer periods, it loses flavor and can begin to rot.

Once opened, you should keep in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 4 º C.

It’s best to store it in airtight plastic container to prevent it to absorb or transmit other flavors from or to other foods.

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8 April, 2023

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