Toxins in meat


Toxins in meat and vegetarianism

This growing fear of meat consumption, because the substances that are added to it are considered harmful to consumer health. For this reason, among others, there are more people that increasingly make a vegetarian diet.

Farm meats, whether chicken, beef, pigs,… are added with a number of substances that are transferred to those who consume these foods and can lead to a number of possible consequences.

Major toxic products of meat

Among these substances, we can find the following:

Veterinary drugs in meat and animal products

Veterinary drugs such as antibiotics, which can be toxic to the consumer if gathering them has not respected the waiting time required to reduce drug residues. For eggs and milk waiting time is one week, for meat is 4 weeks.


Among the meats, sausages are the animal foods with more saturated fats. They also contain high amounts of added products. Among others, many preservatives, colorants, antioxidants, and a very high amount of sodium.

Antibiotics in meat

It is increasingly spreading the use of antibiotics in farm animals. By eating meat we stuff ourselves of antibiotics. By doing this, the only thing we achieve is microorganisms can better infect us, because they become more resilient in our body and they are least affected by antibiotics every time.

Contaminants such as dioxins

Dioxins are stored in fatty tissue of farm animals and which give rise to toxicological allergy when we ingest it. Most of dioxins reside in foods like eggs, milk and dairy products, fish and shellfish, meat, fats and vegetable oils, fruits and cereals.

Fertilizers and pesticides in meat

Fertilizers and pesticides are used in vegetables to feed animals that can be finally transmitted to people feeding on the flesh of that animal.

Hormones in meat

Hormones like testosterone, used as anabolic steroids. They create problems of sexual development. Hormones such as growth hormone, which increases milk production and accelerates muscle development of the animal together with other drugs.

When the treated animal meat is consumed by people, they also ingest the hormones and drugs residues.

Substances that affect glands like the thyroid

They slow the metabolism of the animals, causing fluid retention because they make them to retain water to increase their size rapidly.

These substances are responsible for the water content of meat. The lower quality of the meat, the more water it usually contains.

– Steroids and other chemicals that may contaminate the food the animals on the farm feed on. The meat may be finally contaminated, because the animal has consumed contaminated products that are finally ingested by people.

– Substances and medicines, which the consumer may be allergic to, and that can cause mild or severe allergic reactions, when eating food containing traces of them.

Fear for transmission of diseases like mad cow is still going on.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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22 April, 2019

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