Consequences of eating too much meat or fish

Is vegetarianism healthy?

Health and vegetarianism

We must not forget that it is also widely known that both, the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet, are recognized as one of the healthiest. They also include meat, fish, dairy and eggs

It is generally thought that these non-vegetarian foods do not usually cause health problems if they are not consumed in excess

Eating too much meat or fish is not good for health


Health is the reason par excellence why people become vegetarian. A vegetarian diet is often compared with other diets, and it is generally considered healthier.

As always, too much is bad for health, but excess is not the only reason to consider. We must also assess the type of meat, fish,… and the amounts thereof that are ingested. That is, it is not the same to eat a beef burger than a turkey breast.

They do not have the same amount of saturated fat although both of them are meat.

It is not the same to eat a lot of meat or fish every day that to eat much less frequently.

What are the negative effects of eating too much meat or fish?

The negative effects of such excesses are the appearance of risk factors or the promotion of certain diseases such as:

  • Overweight and / or obesity, due to eating excessive amounts of fat and poor quality fats (saturated fats).

  • Dyslipidemia by cholesterol and triglycerides, caused by an excessive supply in quantity and / or poor quality of fats (saturated fat) rich in cholesterol and refined sugars

  • Cardiovascular diseases at, such as arteriosclerosis, caused by cholesterol, which accumulates and clogs arteries and veins, and may even cause a heart attack or thrombosis.

  • An increase in uric acid, which may end up manifesting itself as gout.

  • An accumulation of toxins due to meat being the last step in the food chain. This is considered one of the possible causes of some cancers such as that of colon.

  • Osteoporosis caused by acidification producing excessive softening of the bones.

  • Arthritis, hemorrhoids, some allergies and asthma, which are affectations that can be seen exacerbated by pro-inflammatory substances in these foods.

  • Stress can raise, as with cholesterol, because of excessive sodium intake, creating problems of hypertension.

  • Anxiety is one of the effects that can lead to increased uric acid, which acts like caffeine when metabolized.

  • Some cases of depression, fatigue or physical sluggishness-, poor digestion and digestive heaviness as meat and milk are especially slow digested and can even be annoying to some more sensitive people.

We should avoid the excessive consumption of animal foods

Therefore, if we make a vegetarian diet, being an option where you do not consume animal foods, we can not generate such excesses that are responsible for many important diseases mentioned above.

That is, if you do not eat foods that can be considered the cause of these diseases, you will not only decrease the risk of suffering these diseases, but you will not aggravate them. You will even improve them or decrease their symptoms.

hard pork sausages

Examples of this, for example, are documented cases of people with very high cholesterol levels who have changed their diet in which foods of animal origin have been excluded in favor of a vegetarian diet.

Foods of plant origin contain no cholesterol, so their levels have declined dramatically. There are some people who, despite this, have not reduce them. This may be due to genetic causes. In any case, these are special cases.

It is indisputable that a strict vegetarian diet or a vegan one is beneficial for those with high levels of LDL cholesterol because they do not provide foods high in cholesterol, since because cholesterol resides exclusively in animal products.

Thus, the diseases resulting from an increase in cholesterol will also be prevented. Some of the preventable diseases are cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, some forms of dyslipidemia, hypertension, colon cancer, etc..

Dispense with the possible toxicity of the meat

There is a growing fear about meat consumption, because the substances that are added are considered harmful to the consumer health. For this reason, among others, i there are more people that ncreasingly adopt a vegetarian diet.

Farm meat, whether chicken, beef, pigs,… are added with a number of substances that are transferred to those who consume these foods and can lead to a number of possible consequences. (More information)

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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22 April, 2019

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