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Another issue of Herbal remedies and natural medicine

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Natural food


Olives can be eaten alone as an aperitif or can also be added as an ingredient in many culinary preparations: Hot or cold dishes, simple or elaborate, decorative.


Half a papaya contains about 190 mg of vitamin C, an amount that doubles the recommended daily dose for an adult.

Natural medicine


The kidney is the organ that removes uric acid par excellence, to prevent it to build up in our bodies.

Medicinal plants


Caraway is one of the richest plant in carvone, an aromatic substance present in the essential oil with carminative properties.


Chicory coffee is a product obtained from chicory root that is used as a coffee substitute.

Natural recipes


This recipe is rich in natural antioxidants from fruits, fun, enjoyable and easy to perform. We can benefit from the fiber that fruit gives us to prevent constipation, and its high content of vitamin C.

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Plant cultivation


It blooms in early spring - early winter. Mainly in May, although its flowering period is long. Even some flowers can be born amid mild winters.

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