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Medicinal plants

Stone pine properties

Because its antiseptic, mucolytic and expectorant properties, it has been used in numerous respiratory diseases: Bronchitis, cough, cold, pharyngitis or sinusitis..

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Although the number of species of conifers is very low comparing with angiosperms, its high amount in some areas of the world as well as its economic importance in the production of wood and paper pulp, makes them a well-known group...

Pinaceae characteristics

The pine family or Pinaceae comprises 250 plant species distributed mainly by the cold northern hemisphere. They are classified within the group of gymnosperms or plants with naked seeds, and within the conifers...

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Natural medicine

Natural remedies to increase platelets

Some plants, such as ginseng, are very dangerous for people who have problems with blood clotting...

Natural anticoagulants

Any mismatch in the dose of anticoagulants can cause a lack of clotting and therefore heavy bleeding that can be fatal...

Coagulant plants

Coagulant plants may be well suited in herbal or diet therapy for the treatment of bleeding...

Natural food

Pecan nuts

Pecans are rich in healthy fats, energy food and also give us a lesser extent, good quality protein, fiber, vitamin E, minerals and trace elements...

Nuts properties

Almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts or Brazil nuts are considered nuts, although they are not real nuts, botanically speaking...

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Vegetarian recipes

Apple sauce

Apple compote is restorative. It is not heavy for the stomach because it has a short digestion and provides energy easy to assimilate...

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Common rue cultivation

Although it can be planted in pots, it is ideal for flower beds in public or private gardens which form very tight and elegant massifs. They are also used as hanging plants on balconies or terraces...

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Very fragrant shrub with white or yellow flowers that open at night. It is widely used in gardening

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