Boxwood side effects

(Buxus sempervirens)


Treatments with boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) can cause poisoning, so its internal use is not recommended.

Internally, this plant should only be used when medically indicated and under medical supervision. For all applications, there are other no toxic natural remedies. See the list of natural remedies that we have in Botanical-online.

Problems that can cause the use of boxwood

Contact dermatitis: Contact with the fresh plant can cause contact dermatitis. Apply Remedies for dermatitis.

Digestive disorders: Boxwood has alkaloids that, in case of poisoning, can cause dizziness, vomiting and digestive discomfort. Diarrhea and digestive disorders can be a side effect in treatments with boxwood.



Stomach pain: Boxwood has components that irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and can cause severe stomach pains.

People with dyspepsia, gastritis, stomach ulcers or other digestive ulcers should avoid remedies with boxwood.

Obstruction of the bile ducts: Boxwood is a colagogue plant, which can be responsible for to the expulsion of bile stones and consequent blockage of the bile ducts or cramping.

Involuntary abortion: Avoid all kinds of remedies with boxwood because of its abortifacient properties.

* More information: Plants and pregnancy.

Hypertension: Boxwood alkaloids are heart-stimulating and can change blood pressure.

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