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Home remedies to remove ticks


Tick ​​on a dog
Tick ​​on a dog. These animals can be hooked to the animal even using collars and antiparasitic remedies.

Are home remedies to remove ticks completely safe?

There are numerous folk remedies for detaching the ticks (using heat, applying oil, vaseline or nail polish on the tick, etc..)

All of them are based on the fact that covering the ticks body will impede them to breathe and, consequently, they will have to release themselves from the host.

May be trying one of these home remedies to remove ticks can be very effective, but, the most prudent thing to do, especially when the tick is well attached to the body, is to make a visit to your doctor. He/she knows how to remove it correctly.

This must be done as easy as possible. Your doctor will surely administer you an antibiotic as a preventive measure for possible infection.

How to remove ticks correctly

A tick removed with some tweezers

If the tick is not too anchored in the skin, it can be removed using tweezers. This will be done carefully to avoid squeezing its body.

When a tick is removed abruptly, part of its body can remain within the host. This can be responsible for numerous infections. Besides, if you press its body too much, some of its vital infected juices can pass to you.

After removal of a tick, you should thoroughly wash the bite with soap and water and apply some disinfectant.

Do not touch the tick with your fingers because they can transmit infectious bacteria.

Natural repellent for ticks

To prevent or repel the attack of skin parasites, we can use pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) (See toxicity of pennyroyal). If a branch of this plant is scrubbed on the legs or other body part, these parasites will go away or will not dare to approach.


Another good way is to make a decoction of a couple of tablespoons of its dry leaves, place the liquid in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. In this way we will get a and alternative product to commercially tick repellents.

Natural repellent for ticks on dogs and cats

In case of pets, a good way to prevent ticks from attacking dogs, cats or other animals is to make a necklace with branches and leaves of pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium). Placed on their neck, it will drive away ticks. At the same time, it will provide the animal in question with a very pleasant aroma.

There are certainly very cheap synthetic ticks repellents in the market today. They are also easy to apply, but this remedy is much more environmentally friendly and can be applied immediately if we are able to pick up a useful piece of this plant.

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13 July, 2020

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