Noni to treat cancer


Anticancer properties of noni

The Polynesians have used noni for over 2,000 years to treat cancer.

Modern science has studied this and found that noni fruit contains many components with anticancer power.

Anticancerous components of noni

noniIn the picture: noni juice 100% from Raab’s. Noni juice is the most practical way to supplement our diet with the anticancer properties of this fruit.

Indeed, noni leaves, used by ancient medicine to treat cancer, fractures of bones and abdominal problems, contain a substance called ursolic acid.

Ursolic acid is a common compound in plants with anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies have also proven its effectiveness in inhibiting the progression of skin cancer. Furthermore, it also has antioxidant effect.

Another noni component fighting cancer is damnacanthal, which is at the root of the plant, and to a lesser extent in its fruit. Noni root was formerly used to dye clothes red.

These dyes were made ​​possible by the high content of anthraquinones from the root and bark. Damnacanthal is an anthraquinone type present in noni which, isolated, has proved potent anticancer properties and it is being studied as an adjunct to chemotherapy.

The effect of damnacanthal is to inhibit some compounds (enzymes) which degrade DNA causing cancer cells. In other words, Damnacanthal is a substance inhibiting topoisomerase II (Topoisomerase II-Inhibitor).

This component can be associated with the prevention of neoplasms in the lungs, colon, pancreas and leukemia. Other studies show that damnacanthal stimulates apoptosis (death) of cancer cells.

It was also demonstrated that the daily administration of noni juice increased the survival of animals with Lewis lung carcinoma, extending its life by 75% compared to the control group.

In this study, patients were administered with noni juice together with standard chemotherapy medication, and their goal was to prove noni as a complementary agent in the treatment of cancer. Some authors even dare to point noni juice as a food that can improve the effectiveness of cancer drugs such as prednisolone, experienced in leukemia patients.

Proxeronine of noni

To these substances the effect exerted by Proxeronine is added. Proxeronine is a biochemical substance discovered by Ralph Heinicke that becomes Xeronine. This one acts on the metabolism regulating biological functions such as immunity.

Xeronine is a substance that can increase the activity of the immune system, contributing to cancer prevention. * More information about the Proxeronine.

Another cancer prevention substances also act in noni composition, such as vitamin C present in the fruit, as well as fiber, beta carotene, thiamin and riboflavin, which assist in the anti-tumor potential of the fruit.

Cancer prevention

“Taking the medication only when you are sick is like digging well only when thirsty” Chinese Proverb transcribed by Chi Po in the year 2500 BC. When we speak of a food for cancer, we can not forget that prevention is always as important as treating the disease.

Noni may act in cancer prevention due to its antioxidant properties that can protect the body’s cells from free radicals and oxidation of the tissues. The oxidation of the body is caused by physical activity, stress, and especially smoking habits or alcohol, for example.

Normally we counteract these effects by natural antioxidants in our diet, but we must take into account that it is impossible not to generate free radicals.

When the diet does not provide enough antioxidants or oxidative stress is too high (due to nervousness, smoking, alcohol, abusive sun exposure, etc.), we accumulate “free radicals” in the body.

Excess of free radicals cause cell mutations and can be the reason for cancer development. A diet rich in antioxidants can prevent the accumulation of free radicals, preventing cancer. However, there are other types of cancer with a genetic or unknown origin that must be further studied.

In the field of cancer prevention there must be much investigation. However, everything seems to indicate that joining good habits and a healthy lifestyle, accompanied by a healthy diet that includes regular consumption of cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables, is the basis for promoting the health of the body and prevent oxidative diseases.

Noni juice supplement helps increase the dose of antioxidant and anticancer potential in our diet.

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10 December, 2020

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