Parsley side effects

Consequences of taking parsley

Possible side effects that parsley can cause

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) has a moderate content of oxalic acid, a substance related to the formation of kidney stones . But we must bear in mind that the usual intake of this food, in terms of quantities, is very insignificant.

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Therefore, in normal circumstances and in healthy people who do not have a predisposition to such affectation, their consumption does not have to cause any problems.

Some consequences of using parsley

Parsley ingredient
Parsley is used extensively to season dishes, usually combined with garlic.

Like all external applications, hives or redness appear on some sensitive people after application. Like many plants in the Umbelliferous family, it could cause photosensitivity.

Therefore, if there is a history of high skin sensitivity, it is possible that it can also cause skin irritations after a more or less prolonged period of time. This time period may vary depending on the sensitivity of each person.

If any of these bothersome symptoms appear, any poultice or application containing parsley should be removed.

Emmenagogue properties of parsley

It can promote excessive stimulation of the uterus and its contraction, due to its emmenagogue effect, which causes as a rebound effect the detachment of the placenta from the fetus in the uterus, causing a miscarriage.

It should not be consumed if you are pregnant, and because it is counterproductive, its consumption is not recommended if you want to become pregnant.

Can women take parsley while breastfeeding?

You can eat parsley normally during breastfeeding, but you should not take it in medicinal preparations.

Parsley contraindications

  • It is abortive in high concentrations.
  • In case of renal insufficiency, consult a doctor before intake.

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13 November, 2020

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