Pennyroyal contraindications


Photo of pennyroyal

Photo of pennyroyal

Pennyroyal is especially contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

In the first case it can cause abortions. In the second case, the toxic principles of pennyroyal are transmitted through the milk to the baby, which can cause very serious poisoning.

Are there other possible contraindications?

In addition to pregnant or nursing women should not take pennyroyal prepared with the following:

People who have low blood sugar levels. Pennyroyal can still lower these levels, which could cause physical problems such as body weakness, dizziness, unwilling to work, discouragement, etc.

People with low iron levels. Pennyroyal hinders the absorption of iron from food, so overuse infusions of pennyroyal or use of this plant in people with low iron could worsen their situation.

Therefore, we will not provide pennyroyal preparations for internal use in people presenting anemia.

Patients who are medicating: Pennyroyal may be contraindicated when combined with other drugs that may be enhanced or diminished by the effects of it, so that drugs can be dangerous or ineffective.

If you take any medication, anyone who wishes to make use of pennyroyal, should talk to the doctor or specialist.

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17 May, 2022

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