Sorbitol properties

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What is sorbitol?

Sorbitol is found naturally in apples

Sorbitol is a food additive classified within caloric sweetener group. It has sweetening power, but it is also a food additive with moisturizing and filling agent properties.

Sorbitol is found naturally in apples It is found in nature as part of many fruits and plants such as prunes, apples, plantains, etc.

It is obtained biotechnologically from glucose and with the help of enzymes.

Its sweetening power is approximately 50% of the sweetening power of sugar.

It does not cause cavities.

Sorbitol chemical properties

It is a water-soluble substance, stable to heat and acids.

Food uses of sorbitol

Low-calorie desserts, industrial ice cream, sweets, chewing gum, mustard sauce. Also medications.

Sorbitol toxicity

Its ADI is not determined.

In large quantities (more than 50mg daily) it can cause flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Other preservatives that are commonly used in food:

– Non-caloric sweeteners

– Caloric sweeteners

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10 November, 2022

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