Benefits and dangers of selenium in Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts, the richest food in selenium

Brazil nuts are seeds very rich in vegetable proteins, essential fatty acids, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and they are the most rich food in selenium.

Brazil nuts contain much selenium. It is not an exaggeration, Brazil nuts provide a very high amount of selenium compared to any other food, animal or plant.

Selenium of Brazil nuts protects us against premature aging and degenerative diseases

Selenium has potent antioxidant properties because it is part of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme is responsible for eliminating free radicals from the body.

When free radicals propagate in the body, they can affect other cells destabilizing its membrane and can cause skin damage or DNA (premature aging, degenerative diseases, etc.).

Main preventive actions of selenium in Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts
Approximately, 5-6 Brazil nuts weigh 20g., Equivalent to one serving.

Among the many problems eating this food can help prevent, we have the following:


Selenium in Brazil nuts to have a good circulation

Eating foods rich in selenium stimulates the antioxidant activity of glutathione peroxidase. Antioxidants prevent deterioration of fats in the body and protect against the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries (atheroma), helping to prevent poor circulation problems.

Selenium in Brazil nuts to protect your sperm

A serving of Brazil nuts. Nutritional value per 21 g:

Selenium has been proved to raise the sperm production and favor its motility, that is to say, it makes them to be more active. So, eating Brazil nuts can be a good way of facilitating pregnancy.

Selenium in Brazil nuts to boost your immunity

Selenium can make us more resistant to bacteria and viruses, so we can be protected against infectious diseases, such as bronchitis, flu, wounds, cuts, burns, colitis, etc.

Selenium in Brazil nuts for hypothyroidism

Selenium is used with very great efficacy for the treatment of hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto ‘s thyroiditis or chronic thyroiditis. This type of thyroiditis is an immune system disease in which the body attacks the thyroid causing inflammation and lack of efficiency in the production of thyroid hormone.

In the picture: nutritional value or Brazil nuts per serving. Approximately 5-6 Brazil nuts weigh 20g., Equivalent to one serving. This amount provides:

Side-effects and toxicity of selenium in Brazil nuts

How many Brazil nuts should eat?

Brazil nuts should be eaten in moderation. Not only they contain many calories, but they are extremely rich in selenium, that can make them dangerous if we eat too much.

Four or five Brazil nuts would be the maximum daily ration, considering that we do not take other foods that are rich in this mineral. Too much selenium is harmful to the body (More information on selenium toxicity)

This amount should not be exceeded, not to go beyond the maximum recommended amount of selenium (It is not recommended to to take more than 400 mcg daily of this mineral)

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17 May, 2021

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