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What is Brazil nuts oil good for?


What is Brazil nuts oil?

Brazil nuts
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Brazil nuts oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of a tree that grows in the Amazon forests called Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa Humb. & Bonpl.)

Brazil nuts can be eaten raw or roasted, as other nuts.

They contain up to 65% oil, so you can get oil from Brazil nuts.

First extraction oil is used for cooking, the second extraction is suitable for the manufacture of soap and cosmetics.

Brazil nut oil is rich in linoleic acid and has edible and cosmetic properties to beautify the skin.

Characteristics of Brazil nut oil

The Brazil nut oil is bright yellow, practically odorless with a pleasant nutty flavor. Generally it not used because people do not know it, since the fruit is harvested only in the forested areas of the Amazon, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

The analysis of its composition has determined that it is very rich in linoleic acid (omega 6), oleic acid (omega 9), tocopherols (vitamin E), phospholipids and sterols.

Components of Brazil nut oil

Composition of Brazil nut oil

Saturated fatty acids (g)

Palmitic acid 16:0


Stearic acid 18:0


Myristic acid 14:0


Monounsaturated fatty acids (g)

Oleic acid 18:1


Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g)

Linoleic acid (omega 6) 18:2


cholesterolBrazil nut oil is rich in omega 6, which has properties to improve circulation

Food properties of Brazil nuts oil

Brazil nut oil has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid, which could be compared to the composition of olive oil.

The main properties of Brazil nut oil derive from its high unsaturated fatty acid composition and specifically from the large amount of linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid (omega 9):

It has a beneficial effect on heart by preventing blood clots, which are responsible for reducing the flow of blood and may even cause thrombi. Thus, omega 6 fats help improve circulation.

Including this oil moderately at meals will help preserve healthy heart and arteries and constitute a good preventive against hypertension.

  • Pain: Omega 6 is suitable for the treatment of pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. They are appropriate when there is headache or dizziness caused by poor circulation in the blood vessels of the brain. It is also recommended in cases of arthritis and menstrual pain, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Brazil nut oil is not recommended to cook, as the temperature deteriorates part of its vitamin E. It is more appropriate to use this oil for preparations such as salads or bread with oil.

Brazil nut oil for skin and hair

face maskLinoleic acid can be mixed with limestone or use in natural cosmetics for its nourishing properties for the skin.

Properties for skin

Primarily responsible for the properties of this oil to the skin is its high content of essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) and vitamin E, which have a highly nutritious skin effect.

Brazil nut oil, rich in linoleic and oleic acid, relieves dryness and itching sensation that soothes, protects the skin and mucous membranes. It can be applied when psoriasis or dermatitis, as it also relaxes, relieves irritation and soothes itching caused by skin rashes, decreasing pain.

Thanks to its moisturizing effect, the oil prevents dehydration of the skin, causing the appearance of premature wrinkling, striations, cracks and dryness.

Linoleic acid nourishes the skin, providing those components required for tissue regeneration. Vitamin E, present in the oil, improves the absorption of this nutrient.

Massages with Brazil nuts oil

Massages performed with a few drops of Brazil nuts oil are well suited to sleep or reduce anxiety or stress. One can also add a few drops of essential orange oil or ylang ylang essential oil.

Brazil nuts oil as hair oil

Linoleic acid has soothing properties for scalp, providing nutrition and improing microcirculation, what stimulates hair follicle irrigation, improving hair health. This way hair growth is improved and the occurrence of abnormalities such as dandruff are prevented.

Where to buy Brazil nuts oil

This oil can be found in natural stores, dietary cosmetics, specialized centers and local cooperatives in the country. Outside its country of origin, you can mainly find them in stores selling products from Brazil, Peru or Bolivia.

If not found in the above sites, you can search online on trusted stores.

In any case, it is recommended to use oils from local food for the preparation of cosmetic remedies, because if demand increases such oils are expensive and are less affordable in their country of origin.

Brazil nut oil has a similar composition to sesame oil and benefits of both are very similar.

punto rojoMore information on Brazil nuts.

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4 August, 2021

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