Thyme contraindications

When you should not take thyme

What are thyme contraindications?

Alterations of the digestive system. Thyme is contraindicated, or it should be used under medical supervision, in cases of gastro-intestinal disorders, such as: stomach ulcer, dyspepsia or stomach pain, gastritis, irritable colon (according to tolerance), among others.

Constipation. Thyme contains tannins, which can have astringent action and aggravate constipation.

People with hypersensitivity. They should not consume neither the plant nor its essential oil.

Pregnancy. Thyme should not be used during pregnancy without first consulting a physician.

Contraindications of thyme essential oil:

People with hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components of the oil.

Pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid the essential oil of thyme.

Heart failure. Essential oil of thyme is contraindicated in case of heart failure because it can cause bradycardia (decrease in heart rate).

– Due to its irritant (dermocutical) properties, the essential oil of thyme is contraindicated in cases of gastro-duodenal ulcer and enterocolitis.

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29 September, 2022

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