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How to eat peanuts?

From a nutritional point of view, peanuts should be eaten raw. However, eaten in this way, besides being indigestible, can contain microorganisms that can be very hazardous to health. For this reason there are many other ways to eat peanuts: roasted, canned, frozen, in cream or butter, etc.

Roasted and salted peanuts are the most consumed. Although this is the most common way to eat peanuts, we can not say that this is the most convenient.

Sold roasted peanuts often contain very high amounts of salt, which constitutes a serious threat to health. In addition, this type of peanuts are often rid of the red shell surrounding the seed, which is the part where most vitamins are.

Main dishes of peanuts

Other well-known forms of eating peanuts in the world are:

Peanut butter: Peanut butter can be purchased or made at home. Peanut butter prepared at home is much more natural and convenient.

Candied peanuts: They are unshelled peanuts, peeled or unpeeled, with roasted candied sugar. They are made in many parts of the world.

– Nougat Peanut: The peanut is the main ingredient, it substitutes almond or hazelnut.

Pacoquinha: A type of dessert made in Brazil. It contains peanuts, corn flour and condensed milk or sugar

Palanqueta: A type of candy made in Mexico based on peanuts and honey or brown sugar (panela or brown sugar is sugar cane juice before it becomes dried sugar)

Corviche: The corviche is a typical dish of Ecuador, whose main base is the banana. It is a kind of pasty fried or baked whose coverage is made made from bananas. The filling contains fish, roasted peanuts and vegetables such as onions or peppers.

How to extract peanut oil at home?

To extract the peanut oil at home you can follow this method: Squeeze the peanuts in a press or shred them with a grinder. Afterwards pour the mixture into a bowl and cover with boiling water overnight.

The next morning the oil is floating on the water. Just pick it, tilting the container and storing it in glass bottles.

Peanut oil is ideal for frying, salads or to prepare many dishes.

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22 April, 2019

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