Dried figs coated




- ½ kilo of figs.

- ½ kilo of flour.

- ¾ liter of water.

- 2 eggs.

- 1 liter of olive oil for frying.

- 1 tablespoon of yeast.


- Clean the figs, removing the tail.

- Make a dough with water, yeast and flour, kneading all well.

- Beat the eggs and add to the dough, kneading it all very well.

- Let stand for half an hour for the dough to swell and become soft..

- When the pasta is ready, coat the figs with it. (In the event that dried figs are large enough, coat only one. If they are smaller, they must be split in half and the two halves joined.

- Heat the olive oil and, when hot, fry the breaded figs, turning them down when the oil side is well roasted.

- When they are golden, take them out of the fire and place on a plate, sweetening them with sugar or honey.

Ways to serve:

Eat hot or cold as dessert.

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