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What eggs should we buy? What are the best eggs?

When we want to acquire eggs, we must visually note them neither to be damaged nor to have holes. They must be properly packaged, because the atmosphere inside the closed egg, which is the correct storage, ensures them not to be spoilt when they are open and in contact with oxygen.

We’ll know that an egg is fresh in terms of the strength of the egg white. A firmer the egg white appears, the fresher it is.

How to know if an egg is fresh?

If there are doubts about its freshness, before proceeding to break the shell, we can put the raw egg in a bowl of water. If it floats, we will have to throw it, because floating means that the air inside is very abundant and the egg is no longer cool.

The chamber size of the egg, that is the space occupied by air, is greater as an egg loses freshness.

How to prepare eggs?

eggs in a market

Eggs in a market

The egg has multiple culinary applications, due to its tolerance level of texture, its nutritional value and its coagulation properties or facility to be beaten.

With this food we can make salty dishes, such as mayonnaise or sauces, such as garlic sauce. You can include it in vegetable purees with the eggs chopped or crushed all together. It can be eaten alone, as a boiled or scalded egg.

It can be eaten alone, like fried eggs. You can pan-fry, as fried egg, scrambled eggs, omelet, vegetable omelet, etc…

In Asian cuisine, it is even salted or macerated in vinegar and spices .

You can also buy plenty of sweets with eggs like cakes, meringues, ice cream, custards and a host of desserts like custards or tiramisu

Egg recipes

Artichoke omelette

Artichoke omelet

spinach tortilla

Spinach omelet

Among the most popular recipes with egg we have the following:

Other recipes that contain eggs, egg yolk or egg white are:

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