Toxicity of acerola

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Is acerola a toxic fruit?

No, acerola is not a toxic fruit.

Fruits and branches of acerola
Fruits and branches of acerola

Is there any danger when eating acerola or drinking acerola juice?

The main possible hazards when dealing with this plant are:

- Contact dermatitis: some sensitive people may develop contact dermatitis with fresh fruit.

- Intestinal inflammation: hospitals where the plant is native have often reported intestinal inflammation and obstruction due to the ingestion of large amounts of whole fruit with seeds.

- Hemochromatosis: people tending to accumulate iron in the body can suffer from iron poisoning as a side effect of this supplement. The effects are due to the property of vitamin C to increase iron absorption from food.

- Kidney stones: large amounts of vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

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