Properties of oak honey

Characteristics and benefits of oak honey

What is holm oak honey?

oak honey

Photo of honey of oak

It is not a honey obtained from the nectar of flowers. It is the honey produced by bees that suck the molasses that comes off the acorns or fruits of the oak

Characteristics of oak honey

It is one of the darkest honeys, sometimes black. Taste good but too strong for many people. Very rich in iron

Properties of oak honey

Holm oak honey has mainly astringent, stimulating and digestive properties.

What is oak honey used for?

Its use is very suitable for the treatment of the following anomalies:

- Diseases of the digestive system: Its digestive properties make it suitable in case of bad digestion. Its astringent character may be useful in combating diarrhea and dysentery.

Using oak honey will help us recover energy

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