Laurel contraindications

(Laurus nobilis)


Who should not take laurel?

- Pregnant women and during lactation: Women must not use essential oil of laurel, and remedies with bay leaves or fruits if they are pregnant and during lactation because it has not been proved to be completely safe.

* More information: Plants and pregnancy.

Dried bay leaves
Dried bay leaves

- Children under 12 years: This drug should not be given to children under 12 years because there is a risk of allergy. Check with your doctor before starting treatment with laurel in children under 12 years.

- Allergic Persons: People allergic to Lauraceae or Compositae plants can also be allergic to laurel.

- People with gastritis and digestive ulcers: Laurel oil contain irritants that can affect to the gastric mucosa of the stomach, so it is not good for people with gastritis and digestive ulcers.

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