Meadowsweet side effects

(Filipendula ulmaria)


- Contact dermatitis from the fresh plant. It described that salicylates present in the plant may produce reactions in skin rash.

- Allergy: the plant can cause allergies.

- Some people may experience gastrointestinal adverse reactions related character: gastric irritation (gastritis), nausea or vomiting.

- Irritation of the urinary tract, especially when plant extracts are administered.

- Tinnitus: salicylates can cause tinnitus.

- The salicylates may have effects on blood clotting and blood sugar levels, so should exercise caution people with diabetes.

Photography leaf meadowsweet.
Photography of a leaf of meadowsweet

Pregnancy and lactation

- Meadowsweet is not adequate during pregnancy and lactation, so it is contraindicated.

Salicylates cross the placental barrier and breast until the fetus or baby. In the latter case, salicylates in breast milk can cause rashes on the baby.

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