Millet with pumpkin recipe




- 200g of Millet.

- 150g Pumpkin.

- Hard cheese 50g Parmesan or Emmental type.

- Salt

- Extra virgin olive oil (preferably).


- Heat oven to 180 � C.

- Boil a saucepan with water and some salt.

- When bubbling, add the millet, reduce the temperature to a minimum and cook.

- Peel and cut the pumpkin into small pieces and put them in the microwave in a closed steaming bowl for 10 minutes.

- When cooked, drain and insert the millet into the molds.

- It has to cover the walls of these, like a nest. If your molds are not made with nonstick silicone, you can grease the pan with some fat.

- Place the pumpkin pulp into the mold at the center of millet.

- Sprinkle the grating cheese or cheese sheets on it, and finish cooking in the oven for about 10 minutes until grated.

- When cheese is melted and golden, take out from the oven, remove from the molds, put on a tray, cool and serve.

Use: It is used as an appetizer or first course.

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