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Pescetarians are those who consider themselves vegetarians since they do not eat meat, but eat all other foods of animal origin, that's to say, eggs, dairy products and fish.

Depending on the type of meat:

Among vegetarians who eat no meat, there are some who make a distinction between the different types of meats.

That is, poultry, such as turkey and chicken; white meats, such as rabbit; lean meats, such as pork loin; fatty red meats, such as beef or lamb; or game meats, such as partridges.

Within this type of vegetarians, we would have several types depending on the type of meat chosen or eliminated:

No fatty meats, red or black

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One group would consist of those people who only remove fat red meat and game meat and the other meats are generally consumed.

Only white meat and poultry

Others only eat white meat and poultry. They exclude lean meats, fatty red meats or game meats.

Poultry only

Some just eat the white meat of poultry, that is, only chicken and turkey, but they do not eat rabbit, although rabbit is white meat. They are the most common "group" of new vegetarians.

Note: Obviously, if you do not exclude any type of meat and eat all kinds of meat you are not a vegetarian. While it is true that to be considered vegan, the first food to be excluded is the flesh, and not the fish.

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