Nutrition for children


Types of nutrients

Here is a table with the different nutrients, the functions they play in nutrition and the different foods containing them.

For an explanation of the different concepts and the nutritional properties of the different food groups or different foods, click on the links.

Nutrients: What are they for? Main foods containing each nutrient


They provide us with immediate energy.We get them from eating cereals, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and vegetables.

cereals rice pasta bread potatoes pulses


They give us strength, help us to grow with robust and strong muscles.We get from eating foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, yoghurt and cheese.

meat fish eggs milk yoghourt cheese


They provide us with reserves of energy and protect us as a shield.We get them from oils, nuts, fish, dairy and meat.

oil dry nuts fish pork


They protect us from diseases.We obtain them from vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products.

onion peach nuts yoghourt


It protects us from diseases.It is obtained from vegetables, fruits and nuts.

vegetables fruits cashew


It hidrates us.We must drink water, broth, juice, etc.. regularly to avoid dehydration.

water broth orange juice

To be well nourished, we must eat from all the different groups of food and different foods in each of them all.

punto rojo More information about nutrition in the listing above

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