Asian tiger mosquito bite


Mosquito bites

The mosquito stings us, because the female needs the blood of human beings to mature their eggs. Only females bite. Male mosquitoes do not bite and feed on nectar and pollen from flowers.

The tiger mosquito is an aggressive, annoying mosquito that lives around us and inside our homes, and if not controlled, it can bother a lot. It is a well-being issue. In our city, not such a disagreeable mosquito has been known until its arrival.

The mosquito is guided by the body odor.

There are people who feel they are not bitten by mosquitoes because they do not undergo reaction after the sting.

The bite itself is painless. It is the reaction after the bite that causes us discomfort associated with the bite of this annoying insect.

The skin reacts to the saliva when the mosquito inoculates us after its bite, and produces the irritating reaction. The Asian tiger mosquito causes more discomfort than other species because it is a new species.

The Asian tiger mosquito bites, mainly, the areas closest to the ground, so its main targets of stings are the legs. It especially bites during dusk (from dawn to sunrise). This insect produces more than a bite when disturbed.

misquito itching
Photo of mosquito (mosquito itching)

We need to visit a experienced dermatologist to tell us what kind of insect may have produced the bite. In principle, it is possible to distinguish with certainty the tiger mosquito bite from the other mosquitoes, they are very similar to each other.

Photo of Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

In certain tropical countries of the Asian continent, Asian tiger mosquito can transmit diseases such as dengue or yellow fever, for example, since we can find the insect and the diseases. In Europe, it is very difficult to produce such an event, as it is only the insect and there is a very large number of patients. The mosquito does not produce disease but it transmits it from person to person and under very specific conditions.

Photo of Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus)
(Asian tiger mosquito about to sting a person)

A transmission by mosquito necessarily involves many factors. The presence of sick people does not imply automatic transmission, as it requires many other matches.

In Italy, in 2007, there was an epidemic of Chikungunya virus that was transmitted by the tiger mosquito from an ill traveler. So the possibility exists, albeit with low probability.

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