Willow herb family (Onagraceae)

Willow herb family

Oenothera biennis
Photo of evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) very useful as a medicinal plant

The Willow herb family - onagraceae - comprises about 700 species of annual or perennial plants that live throughout the world.

They are mainly herbs, but we also find trees and shrubs.

Some genera such as Fuchsia or Oenothera are very valuable in gardening.

willow draw
Oenothera taraxacifolia

Leaves (1): simple, alternate or opposite, without stipules.
Stems: Generally herbaceous.
Flowers: (2)

Regular, generally in racemes or solitary.
Calyx: 4 free sepals. Seldom 2. (3)
Corolla: 4 free petals. Seldom 5. (4)
Stamens: Generally 8.
Ovary: Inferior
Style: 1 with a 4- lobed stigma in many cases.
Fruit: Generally a Capsule.

willow draw

Fuchsia "Day Dream"


It comprises about 20 genera. The most important ones are the following:



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