Natural shampoo for oily hair


Sage invigorates and gives shine to your hair. Mint has a beneficial effect in neutralizing the excess of hair fat. In fact, both components, in addition to other herbs such as rosemary or sweet bay, enter in on the composition of many natural shampoos prepared for this purpose.

Honey shampoo for normal hair


- 2 tablespoons of dry sage leaves.

- 2 tablespoons of dry peppermint (or mint) leaves.

- 2 cups of baby shampoo.

- ½ liter of water


- Make a decoction of about 15 minutes with these herbs in ½ liter of water.

- Filter the decoction.

- Mix the resulting liquid into a bowl with two cups of neutral baby shampoo.

- Keep in in a bottle.


Stir it well before use. Apply on your hair abundantly. Leave it there for 5 minutes and rinse your hair well, preferable with mineral or natural water without chlorine. Repeat the process.

It can be kept and used routinely as your shampoo for oily hair.

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