Pistacia lentiscus

Lentisc, mastic tree


Pistacia lentiscus

Photo of Pistacia lentiscus

Pistacia lentiscus L. - (Lentisc, mastic tree)

Perennial shrub of the Cashew family -anacardiaceae- till 2 metres tall (It is not generally found so many big samples because of the fires or some other human aggressions) Leaves are formed with 3 to 6 pairs of elliptical coriaceous leaflets. Male flowers without petals, female ones darker.The fruit is a drupe of about 8 mm, which being green at the beginning,changes to red and becomes black in ripening fruits. In woods by the side of the holm oak inland or with the carob tree and palmetto at the seaside. It doesn' t like cold places.

Planta medicinal. Ver propiedades.


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