Polygonatum odoratum Druce

Angular Solomon's seal


Polygonatum odoratum

Photo of Polygonatum odoratum Druce

Polygonatum odoratum Druce - (Angular Solomon's seal)

Perennial plant with a thick rhizome of the Lily family -liliaceae- creeping under the soil. Angled stem upwards. Ovate leaves, 5 to 6 cm., unstalked, alternate, light green. Flowers about 2 cm. long, tubular-shaped, greenish-white, hanging from thin stems in an arched raceme. The fruit is a berry, bluish-black when ripe. The rhizome is being used in home medicine to cure intestinal disorders and as a diuretic. The word "odoratum" is due to the fine flower scent. It is a species that grows in mountainous zones of Iberian Peninsula.

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