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How to grow daffodils

Daffodil characteristics

DAFFODILS (Narcissus spp) are bulbous plant of the Amaryllidaceae family. They are hybrid plant native from Holland.

They bloom in late winter to spring, giving trumpet shaped flowers. Daffodils are used in gardening for ornamental purposes because of its attractive and colorful flowers.

Numerous species and varieties are grown. They are typical cool-season plants that can be grown in pots, planters and for landscaping.

Bulbs grow best in shallow pots,

All plants flowering in this season requite similar care, so we can combine them in our garden: tulip, hyacinth, iris, crocus (saffron), or Nazareth.

After flowering, daffodil plants are left until the leaves are dry, to allow time for the bulb to thicken. After this, daffodil bulbs are dug up and stored for next year.

sun Place in a cool semi - shaded site, sunny or full sun. The greatest enemy of daffodils, in the same way than tulips, is the wind, so that these plants should be located in a place sheltered from strong winds.

how to plant bulbs
Picture showing how to plant bulbs properly

water Moderate watering, especially before flowering. The petals should not get wet. Water at least every two weeks. It is important to provide a very good soil drainage. Avoid puddles of water. Nor should too much space irrigation, as they always need some moisture.

type of soil They require a loose, rich in organic matter, and well drained soil.

Daffodils in full bloom

planting Plant them in early autumn. Dried flowers should be cut so as not to attract pests. Fertilize after flowering for the bulb to absorb nutrients, which need to bloom the following year.

pot In pots, flower beds, planters, etc.. They grow best in shallow, wide pots. When the bulb shows roots and touches the bottom of the pot, shootsprings appear. When multiple bulbs are planted in the same pot, leave at least 20 cm. between plants.

flowering timeFlowers appear in winter to spring. A daffodil flower flower typically lasts 15 to 20 days. After flowering, when the leaves and stems dry, the bulbs are saved for next year. The bulb must be kept dry in a paper bag, protected from sunlight, heat and frost.

Types of Daffodils

- Trumpet daffodils

- Large cup daffodils

- Small cupped daffodils

- Double daffodils

- Triandrus daffodils

- Cyclamen daffodils

- Tazeta daffodils

- Paperwhite

- Wild daffodils

- Spontaneous or natural hybrids daffodils.

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