Characteristics of asparagus

What are asparagus?

Characteristics of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

 asparagus plant.
A detail of the edible bud of a wild  asparagus plant.

A close-up detail of a bud. Botanical card and enlarged photoAsparagus is the tender buds of the asparagus plant (Asparagus officinalis), an entangled bush that grows spontaneously in many regions of the world, especially in sandy dry areas of the south of Europe, north of Africa and west of Asia.

More abundant than in any other place, they appear in the Russian or Polish steppes, covering enormous extensions and constituting a very habitual grass for livestock.

It belongs to the lily family – Liliaceae, a wide family containing so well-known plants in gardening as irises or tulips, but also such appreciated plants in cookery as garlic or onions.

As cultivated plant it can be practically in all the areas of the world.. These produce whiter and thicker buds than the wild species.

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22 December, 2021

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