Types and varieties of asparagus

Asparagus: Types and varieties

The two main forms of asparagus are:

  • Wild asparagus
    Wild asparagus photo

    Wild asparagus: Wild variety. It is characterized by being thin and long and green in color.

  • Cultivated asparagus: They are those that are cultivated. They are thicker and shorter than wild asparagus.

White and green asparagus or wild asparagus

Cultivated asparagus can be classified according to the way they are produced:

  • White asparagus: These are asparagus grown without light. They are those that have undergone a ground covering process (ridging) so that they do not get sunlight and can remain white when they are collected.
  • Green asparagus: These are asparagus grown outdoors. They are those that are not covered and, therefore, turn green when growing in contact with sunlight.

Commercial varieties of asparagus

different types of asparagus
Photo of different types of asparagus in a market in Vienna

The main varieties of cultivated asparagus are the following:

    • Blanco de Navarra: As its name suggests, it is produced in the community of Navarra (Spain). It’s a very thick asparagus that is used a lot in canning. It is grown as white or green, being a very productive plant. It is a very fine and high quality asparagus.
    • Morado de Navarra: Also produced in Navarra, it is characterized by the fact that the tip of the asparagus and part of the stem have a purple or violet color.
    • Blanco de Aranjuez: They are asparagus of green color with a remarkable flavor. They are grown in the Spanish towns of San Martín de la Vega, Titulcia, Aranjuez and Ciempozuelos.
    • White from Holland: As its name suggests, it’s a variety of Dutch origin, whose production is very abundant in this country and elsewhere in the world. It’s one of the most recognized asparagus.
    • Argenteuil: French variety, originated in the town of the same name, famous for this white asparagus. It is a very tender and delicate asparagus, with an exquisite flavor.
    • Martha Washington: It is one of the most famous varieties of green asparagus. It was named after President Washington’s wife.
    • California Green: It’s another well-known variety for the production of green asparagus.
    • Jacq Ma.verde: Another important variety of green asparagus.

Other important varieties are: UC-157, Lorella, Larc, Aneto, Mira, Bruneto, Spaganiva, Desto, Cito, Minerva, etc.

Asparagus: Use

They are cultivated for the production of shoots (young and tender stems) that are destined for human consumption. (More information about food properties in the list below)

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22 December, 2021

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